Woman is suing Walmart after saying an employee ‘forcedly’ knocked her over with several shopping carts

Beverly Robinson said she was struck by an employee pushing a row of carts at the Walmart Super-Center in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, on July 9 last year and suffered serious injuries and trauma as a result.

Robinson’s attorney, Ralph Brickman, said his client bought groceries from the store that had become too heavy to carry, so she walked to the line of carts to deposit her purchases.

“Beverly Robinson was placing the items in the shopping cart and resting her hands on the cart’s handle when she was suddenly and violently knocked to the ground, by the force of multiple shopping carts being pushed into her from the opposite side, by a Walmart employee ‘ Brickman said.

Robinson is said to have suffered multiple bruises, internal injuries, sprains, headaches and mental distress as a result of the incident.

Brickman claimed the incident was caused by Walmart’s negligence “as the employee didn’t look properly for customers and didn’t see what should have been seen.”

The damages sought are said to exceed $75,000, Brickman said. Robinson is also seeking reimbursement of medical bills resulting from the incident, as well as legal fees.

in one separate shelfasked Robinson for assistance with those legal fees as she receives nearly $1,000 in Social Security contributions and another $150 in food stamps after being unable to work after the incident.

The original case was assigned to Judge Barry W Ashe and Magistrate Judge Dana Douglas.

Walmart did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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