WHO urges Russia to stop attacking Ukrainian health facilities; More than 100 hospitals now affected

The WHO is now calling on Russia to stop attacking hospitals and other health infrastructure in Ukraine. The ongoing conflict between the two countries is still affecting their two citizens.

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TOPSHOT – Helena, a 53-year-old teacher, stands outside a hospital after the shelling of the eastern Ukrainian town of Chugiv on February 24, 2022, as Russian armed forces attempt to invade the Ukraine from several directions, using rocket systems and helicopters to attack Ukrainian position in the south, the border guard service said.

Apart from them, people in other countries are also affected due to rising fuel prices and other effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Today, the World Health Organization recorded hundreds of attacks on healthcare facilities in Ukraine.

WHO calls on Russia to stop attacking Ukrainian health facilities

According to the latest report from IFL Science, the WHO has recorded 103 attacks on health infrastructure in Ukraine. The health body announced that 89 health facilities and 13 ambulances involved were affected.

WHO urges Russia to stop attacking Ukrainian health facilities;  More than 100 hospitals now affected

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A view of a basement under the hospital which is used during air raids and shelling in the area on March 10, 2022 in Brovary, Ukraine. Yesterday a column of Russian tanks and armored vehicles in Brovary was forced to turn back after an ambush by Ukrainian forces. Video shared online reportedly showed a destroyed tank and APC in the area.

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“A grim milestone was reached today in the war in Ukraine – more than 100 attacks on health care verified by WHO since the war began on February 24,” the World Health Organization said. via its official press release.

The WHO representative in Ukraine, Dr Jarno Habicht, said medical workers in the countries were already risking their lives to provide essential health services during the ongoing pandemic.

He added that Russia must stop targeting them and the health facilities in which they work. Due to the Russian government’s action, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he was outraged by the results.

Now Ghebreyesus is asking the Russian Federation to stop its attacks on the medical infrastructure and stop the whole conflict.

Is Russian action allowed?

The WHO added that 73 people died in the attacks and 51 were injured. Russia’s action already circumvents international humanitarian law under the 1864 Geneva Convention.

This law stipulates that any verbal or physical action threatening or hindering the access, availability and delivery of essential health services is prohibited.

Although this is the case, hospitals and other health facilities are still targeted whenever there are conflicts between two or more countries.

This can already be seen in the problem that is happening between Russia and Ukraine. If you want to see more details on international humanitarian law, you can visit this link.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s anti-cyberattack efforts are now protecting Ukraine.

Elon Musk has increased Ukraine’s support by sending Tesla Powerwalls to the country.

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