This contest awards $ 1,000 for one week of flip phone use



Imagine a week without the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy in exchange for an old-school Razr flip-top phone. Do you think you can handle it?

Frontier Bundles would like to use a “lucky winner” of $ 1,000 for a week to use a clamshell phone while giving up his smartphone.

The campaign comes to mark the 30th anniversary of the first foldable phone.

Frontier Bundles describes the contestant as “a self-proclaimed smartphone fan who is always on the cutting edge of technology. They are organized, detail-oriented and ready to persevere. “

To be selected, participants must must fill out a form and explain in about 200 words why they are the perfect choice.

The selected person must use a flip phone for seven days. You’ll also need to keep a journal of how long it took to do basic tasks like checking email, how productivity changed, how many times the desire for a smartphone popped up, and how many times it required a Google search.

Frontier Bundles is excited to see if it would be the worst experience ever or a new sense of freedom has been created.

In addition to $ 1,000, Frontier Bundles offer the person a “Boredom Swag Bag,” which contains a physical card, pocket phone book, notepad and pen, and a few CDs from the 1990s.


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