“The lack of confidence in health facilities is a major obstacle to the fight against COVID19 in rural and tribal areas” – Gaonconnection

In an effort to educate viewers on the challenges of tackling the COVID19 pandemic in rural and tribal areas of the country, Yogesh Kalkonde, a public health expert spoke of issues such as the lack of trust residents have in people. government health care hampering effective crisis management.

In an interview with Nidhi Jamwal, deputy editor of Gaon connection, India’s largest rural media platform, Kalkonde, a neurologist and public health researcher, said effective communication is key to managing COVID19.

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“It is a challenge for any healthcare professional to deal with this Corona pandemic. Such an event occurs once every hundred years. It is a new disease and its treatment is based on constantly updated information, ”said Kalkonde.

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“The challenge is even more difficult in tribal and rural areas and it is vital for health professionals to properly connect with the people living here. Their fears must be understood to face the problem. The lack of data availability and people’s lack of confidence in the government apparatus make it difficult, ”he said. Gaon connection.

The doctor insisted on the need for credible data on tribal and rural populations without which, according to him, it becomes difficult to generate a state response to a crisis of such magnitude.

“As they say, in order to manage, you first have to measure. Without having detailed data on who should receive health benefits, the response of health systems cannot be effective, ”said Kalkonde.

Gaon connection has reported frequently on the situation in rural and tribal areas of the country since the COVID19 pandemic began to make inroads into these areas.

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The reluctance of vaccines and government efforts to convince local people to get the vaccine were an important part of Gaon Connection’s reporting.

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