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If you’re an existing TD Bank customer, applying for one of their TD Fit loans may be the easiest way to get a personal loan. However, it pays to compare your options to find a personal loan with the most attractive rates and terms.

Here’s how TD Bank personal loans compare to other leading lenders:

TD Bank vs SoFi

While TD Bank limits its personal loans to $50,000, you can borrow up to $100,000 with SoFi. If you want to fund a large project, a SoFi personal loan might be a better fit. However, it can be difficult to qualify with SoFi if you have bad or fair credit.

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TD Bank vs Avant

At first glance, personal loans from Avant do not seem as attractive as those from TD Bank. They have a lower credit limit of $35,000 and a higher minimum APR of around 10%. However, Avant has fairly lenient credit requirements, accepting applicants with a FICO score as low as 580. While TD Bank does not disclose its minimum credit rating, it may have loftier criteria. It might be worth checking your rates with both lenders to see which gives you a better deal.

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TD Bank vs Upgrade

Upgrade might be a better choice than TD Bank if you only need a small amount of cash since it offers personal loans starting at $1,000 while TD Bank requires you to borrow at least $2,000. Upgrade also has a fairly low credit requirement of 560 and APRs starting at around 6.5%. As with TD Bank, when you upgrade you can check your rates on the website with no obligation or impact on your balance.

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