“Supporting health professionals and monitoring research will help us get out of the pandemic” – ADPD

Social media is rife with disinformation regarding Covid, ADPD – The Green Party insisted on Thursday.

“It is inevitable that a new virus will cause uncertainty, but there are certain truths to be emphasized. First of all, Covid has created several ‘epidemics’ and tragedies in Malta – from the tragedy of premature deaths the long-term effects on previously healthy young people, even those with minor infections, which healthcare professionals tell us they have personally witnessed.The equally serious epidemic of mental illness caused by exclusion social must also be taken into account in any measure related to Covid. “

ADPD stressed that vaccines work. “According to research in the UK, you are 60 times less likely to end up in intensive care with Covid if you are fully vaccinated than if you are not. The science behind vaccination is solid, it is here. accessibility of vaccines in poor countries which remains a serious issue of social justice. “

“Being vaccinated protects you from serious illness, but it does not protect those who are not vaccinated from getting it from you and becoming seriously ill.”

The party has said that criticizing health officials for not being able to handle the current wave is a joke. “No health authority in the world is capable of doing this. We need to support health authorities and all health professionals on this issue.”

“What the government is responsible for is giving in to pressure from the organizers of a big party disguised as a conference for the privileged few. This push started at the Sigma conference in late November. The push may have been If the government had not ceded to the video game industry Thousands of people from all over the world in an industry known to be anti-vaxx and partying, gravitated around Malta. No control has The government has also preferred to hide people in the open air, while leaving Paceville and other entertainment areas to function normally until it is too late. While some have benefited from Sigma, the rest of the economy has suffered, not to mention the suffering of those who have found themselves isolated from society. “

The party said at the same time, measures should be actively implemented to ensure that the current daily record of new cases is reversed as soon as possible. “The number of cases on our island’s small population equates to more cases in European countries such as France, Germany and the UK – with the added drawback of Malta’s high population density.”

“We should also be making this effort to save the jobs of workers in the tourism industry who this week received another heavy blow from the United States against travel warning to Malta. We will, however, continue to d ‘insist on an in-depth reform of this industry. “

ADPD – The Green Party has also called on health authorities to continue monitoring international research to further reduce the isolation period for those who are fully vaccinated and have no symptoms. ADPD – Green Party President Carmel Cacopardo has said that the reduction in the effective quarantine from next Monday should ensure the functioning of essential services without further depletion of their workforce.

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