Ryders healthcare facilities provide a safe environment for care and recovery


STRATFORD, Connecticut (WTNH) – Healthcare facilities have had to take additional security measures during the pandemic to protect their staff and residents. Ryders Health Management, which has eight rehabilitation and nursing facilities statewide, has made lasting changes to safety protocols in all locations.

“We were really able to increase our protocols, our disinfection, our cleaning,” explains William Boyce, clinical director of Ryders. “We were able to maintain and contain the virus like we couldn’t at the beginning. ”

Other safety measures include ultraviolet air purification technology, check-in kiosks with hands-free infrared thermometers, and patient risk assessments at the entrance.

“Risk assessment helps us identify risk factors; whether they were exposed before entering, where they were before being hospitalized, and that helps us determine how long they should stay in an isolation area, ”says Ryders Director of Admissions Roberta Desell . “All the private rooms that we offer to our arriving patients protect them so that they are not exposed to anyone to whom they have not already been exposed. “

CT Style’s Natasha Lubczenko Takes Us To Lord Chamberlain Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Stratford to learn more about the new protocols in place!

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