Road Construction to Limit Access to Essentia Healthcare Facilities – Brainerd Dispatch

BRAINERD — Road construction on Business Highway 371 will limit access to five Essentia Health facilities in Brainerd.

Construction will impact traffic on Commercial Highway 371 from Joseph Street in Brainerd south to 70th Avenue in Barrows.

Construction will limit access to these Essentia Health facilities:

  • Essentia Health Clinic St. Joseph’s-Brainerd, 2024 S. Sixth St.
  • Essentia Health-Brainerd Pharmacy, 2024 S. Sixth St.
  • Essentia Health St. Joseph Rehabilitation Center, 2016 S. Sixth St.
  • Essentia Health St. Joseph’s Orthopedic Clinic, 2014 S. Sixth St.
  • Essentia Health-Lakes Imaging, 2019 S. Sixth St.

Essentia Health-St. The Joseph Medical Center will not be affected by the construction.
The project will have three phases, beginning with work on Business Highway 371 between Joseph Street and Industrial Park Road from mid-May through July. Traffic will detour to 13th Street Southeast between Willow Street and Industrial Park Road.

The second phase of construction will repair Business Highway 371 between Industrial Park Road and Greenwood Street. This work should start at the end of July or the beginning of August.

The final phase will include work on Commercial Route 371 between Greenwood Street and 70th Avenue. Traffic will be permitted to continue on Commercial Route 371 during this construction phase, with one lane open and frequent stops planned.

Road construction projects on Trade Route 371 will affect access to five Essentia Health facilities.

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Motorists in these areas should expect detours and allow extra time to reach their destination.

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