Paramedics are looking for a good start


New Zealand’s 30,000 paramedics use World Paramedic Day to express frustration at what they see as inconsistencies in how COVID-19 alert levels are applied to businesses .

Allied health professionals such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and podiatrists are not able to treat people in person at level 3 except in exceptional circumstances.

Allied Health Aotearoa New Zealand spokesperson Hayden Thomas said that with Northland, Auckland and parts of Waikato still at Level 3, many people are missing out on care that could dramatically improve their wellbeing or help their recovery.

“As the rules currently stand, many of us are not able to help our customers up to level 2, but at level 3 (stage 2) shops, bars, cafes and restaurants can open. We hope to be able to convince the Ministry of Health and the government that as health professionals we know how to operate safely and can start again helping the hundreds of people who rely on us to treat and support them ”, said Hayden Thomas.

“It also highlights the need to increase awareness of the valuable work that allied health professionals do. We are the second largest clinical workforce in the country and can make a much greater contribution to the health and well-being of New Zealanders if our workforce were publicly funded and fully integrated into the system. health.

AHANZ hopes that the overhaul of the health and disability sector will bring about changes that will create a more equitable, accessible and affordable system in which allied health will play a much larger role.

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