PAN says it’s ‘time’ for health workers to return to duty

The PAN on Wednesday defended “the time has come” for health professionals who have been “dedicated to monitoring” the pandemic to resume their duties, saying the country faces a “new way of confronting” the Covid-19. 19.

“It is also a clear moment for other health workers to return to their full duties, and the professionals who have also dedicated themselves to monitoring this health crisis,” said Bibiana Kona, citing family doctors and doctors as examples. the nurses in the health centers who “have stepped down to provide emergency responses.

The parliamentary leader of PAN spoke to journalists at the Assembly of the Republic, in Lisbon, following a meeting between the government, the President of the Republic, epidemiologists and public health experts, and the parties represented in Parliament, by video link. .

“The message is clear that today we are facing a new way of facing this epidemic, of facing this health crisis, and that one of the main pieces of advice that remains is linked to the fact that we give more importance to the severity of the disease than to the number of people infected”He said.

The leader of the Peoples-Animals-Nature party considered that “priority must be given to people at risk, that is to say in relation to the promotion of vaccination”, that is to say those “who are in a more vulnerable context”.

Noting that the experts also referred to the “profound relationship between human health and environmental health”, Bibiana Cunha noted that this “has been PAN’s rhetoric from the beginning”.

He noted that at today’s meeting, “it was very clear that environmental health technicians needed to carry out proper monitoring of water”, particularly wastewater, warning that “these technicians have been transferred to other types of tasks.

He stressed that “from the network’s point of view, it is necessary to reinforce this message that the main thing at this stage is to monitor and prevent new health crises through political decisions”, noting that “this process does not resulted in no health crisis.” “It has ended and will be monitored” and that “the proposal is left on monitoring every 15 days”.

Experts meeting today proposed easing measures against COVID-19, ending restrictions on access to shops, bars and clubs, with masks only compulsory in indoor public places, health services and transport.

Experts, gathered at Infarmed, also suggest that the use of the certificate is only for access to health services and recommend that outdoors, the use of a protective mask should be limited to high-density areas. of population.

Today, the Minister of Health considered Portugal in a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and acknowledged the relaxation of mitigation measures, with a new testing policy and a revision of the mandatory mask.

Summarizing the conclusions of the meeting, the Minister of Health said that it is possible to consider that the country is already in a new phase of the Covid-19 epidemic, while acknowledging that there are still many uncertainties. , which opens the door to a review of the measures currently in place.

Specifically, Marta Temido mentioned a new testing policy, assessing the contexts in which the mandatory use of a mask could fall and modifying the situations where the presentation of a digital certificate is required.

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