Paducah health organizations enter phase 1c of COVID-19 vaccination


PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) – On Thursday, March 18, Mercy Health will begin scheduling COVID vaccinations for the entire 1c population.

Population 1c includes patients aged 60 and over, high-risk patients aged 16 to 59, and essential workers.

Phase 1:

  • 1a: Health workers, first responders
  • 1b: 70 years and over, teachers and educators (accredited establishment, accredited professional or accredited home)
  • 1c: 60-69, CDC defined high risk essential workers

The vaccination schedule is complete until March.

New vaccination appointments are available from the beginning of April.

Call (866) 624-0366 to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Mercy Health administers the Pfizer vaccine, Pfizer can be administered to the population 16 years of age and older.

Please make sure you are available to return to Mercy Health РH̫pital de Lourdes 21 days after your first dose to receive the second dose.

The Purchasing District Health Department (PDHD) begins contacting all the 1c population that has registered.

If you are in population 1c and registered through the online form, please search for a E-mail with instructions on how to plan.

PDHD administers the Moderna vaccine.

You must be 18 years of age or older to receive this vaccine.

Make sure you are available to come back 28 days after your first dose to receive the second dose.

Baptist Health continues to program population 1c which includes people 60 years and older, people 16 years and older with the CDC’s highest risk conditions, and all essential workers.

You can make an appointment here.

You must use their online form.

Check back often for appointments.

Baptist Health administers the Moderna vaccine.

The purchasing district health department, Mercy Health and Baptist Health will continue to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the Governor and the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

The 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine is given 21 days after the 1st dose.

The 2nd dose of Moderna vaccine is given 28 days after the 1st dose.

Please do not mix types of vaccines.

If you receive Moderna as your 1st dose, you should be given Moderna as your 2nd dose.

If you receive Pfizer as the 1st dose, you should be given Pfizer as the 2nd dose.

You should receive your 2nd dose from the body that administered your 1st.

Please do not look for other organizations to give you your 2nd dose.

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