Omicron renews request for recall by doctors and health workers | Calcutta News

Calcutta: Demand for booster doses for doctors and other health professionals has increased after a doctor in Karnataka with no travel history became the first Indian to test positive for the Omicron variant. In recent weeks, healthcare professionals have demanded a third injection to cover their waning vaccine protection. The doctor from Bengaluru, 44, is said to have taken both doses of the vaccine.
“The demand from healthcare workers is justified since most were fully vaccinated by February / March. Now the vaccine shortage is no longer a problem. It is high time that the booster dose was introduced in the country starting with healthcare workers and other vulnerable people, ”said Prabhas Prasun Giri, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Institute of Child Health Kolkata.
Experts said the vaccine could offer good protection for up to seven to eight months after the first dose, when the antibodies start to deplete. The Covid-19 vaccine was deployed on January 16, and the vaccine was offered to healthcare workers in the first phase. Initially, the second dose of Covishield was offered four weeks apart.
“I took my second dose in early February. Now it’s been over 11 months and it’s time for a booster dose, ”said a senior resident physician at Medical College Hospital.
“Given the new highly contagious variant and the depletion of vaccine immunity among healthcare workers, the government should roll out the booster dose to the community at the earliest,” Apollo ENT surgeon said Abhik Ghosh, also a member of Protect the Warriors.
“A doctor who tested positive for Omicron has raised concerns about the depletion of antibodies in the community. As a result, the demand for booster doses is increasing, ”said Sudipta Mitra, CEO of Peerless Hospital.
“Even though we have unused vaccine stocks, our hands are tied as we cannot offer the booster dose in the absence of a policy,” said group CEO Rupak Barua, AMRI Hospitals.
Meanwhile, talks are underway with some hospitals in the city for the clinical trial on the booster dose of a vaccine. “If a booster dose is needed at this point, it should be decided by agencies like ICMR and DCGI,” said public health specialist Asis Manna, also MSVP at ID Hospital Beliaghata.

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