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TALLAHASSEE, Fla., June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Peer support is recognized as one of the most effective strategies for helping people with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, or both achieve and maintain their recovery and well-being. In support of national standards for peer services, the National Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals (NCBBHP) announced that it will consolidate and manage Mental Health America’s (MHA) National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS). The National Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals is pleased to serve as a professional home for current and future Nationally Certified Specialists. The NCBBHP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Florida Certification Board, which is the entity MHA originally contracted with to develop and administer the credential on its behalf. FCB has professionally accredited Peer Specialists since 2006, offering a tiered Peer Specialist certification portfolio that includes Provisional Certification, Full Certification and, with the acquisition of NCPS, Advanced Certification.

“It was a logical next step for the CBF to establish the National Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals to house the National Peer-Certified Specialist designation. Our goal is to build on the growth and success that this fantastic national title has been recognized over the past three years,” said Neal McGarry, CEO of FCB and CEO of the new NCBBHP.

In 2022, Mental Health America decided to retire from professional certification. After discussion with leaders of both organizations, the decision was made to transfer the current program to the National Council of Behavioral Health Professionals. In partnership with MHA, NCBBHP will lead this transition effort with the common goal of honoring the value and intent of the current NCPS program and providing a professional home for current and future nationally certified specialist peers. “MHA has long been committed to including lived experience and peers at all levels of mental health support – there is no change to this fundamental philosophy and commitment,” said the CEO of the MHA, Schroeder Stribling. “The MHA will continue to advocate to advance the field of peer support, including through our policy advocacy and affiliate network.”

About the National Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals (NCBBHP). The National Certification Board for Behavioral Health Professionals is a newly created national organization that provides professional certification opportunities to state agencies, state organizations, and other stakeholder groups to meet their needs in professional certification and regulation. The Council is a full-service third-party national accrediting body, offering high quality, psychometrically sound and legally defensible professional accreditation services, including role delineation studies; examination plans; Item banks; examination instruments; standard setting; processing of applications; administration of examinations; Continuing education; Ethics and Discipline; and related credential maintenance services. We currently provide service in Florida, Oregon, Vermont, Michigan and Illinois. SNPC is a national program that currently supports over 275 certified peers nationwide and is available to any eligible applicant across the country. Our goal is to promote national standards and reciprocity for credentialed professionals who provide behavioral health services to those seeking and maintaining recovery from mental health and substance use disorders.

About NCPS certification. The national title of Certified Peer Specialist is awarded to those who have demonstrated advanced skills in mental health and peer-to-peer services. The credential was designed in 2015 by national peer leaders, developed by nationally recognized peer subject matter experts, and validated by workforce peers. It is designed to build on existing state-level Peer Specialist credentials and award advanced skills recognition to those with at least three (3) years of current full-time Peer Specialist experience. , training, and knowledge base to pass a 125 multiple-peer specialist advanced proficiency choice exam.

Effective date. Current Certified Professionals and candidates will be contacted individually with information about transitioning to national board in early June 2022. We have over 35 years of experience developing and managing certification programs and are currently managing certification projects in six (6) states and Canada, working with over 35,000 certified individuals. We are confident that our experience will translate into a smooth transition to the new operation.

Call to action. We seek advice and guidance from as many peer-focused organizations as possible, with the goal of inclusiveness. Anyone interested in serving on the National Behavioral Health Professional Certification Advisory Board to promote, support and guide our national accreditation efforts is encouraged to contact Amy Farrington, Director of Certification, at [email protected] for an application. .

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