National cabinet to decide on mandatory vaccines for health workers


The NSW ordinance does not include general practitioners but covers all staff in public health agencies, the state health department, ambulance service, state pathology, private hospitals and hospitals. day surgeries.

This includes employees, physicians, volunteers, contractors, students, and other visiting practitioners.


Victoria did not receive any similar orders until Thursday evening, when she released the COVID-19 (# 4) mandatory vaccination instructions under the authority of Acting Chief Health Officer Benjamin Cowie.

The Victorian order extended the mandatory vaccinations already applied in elderly care facilities and construction sites to apply to healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

State rules, published on the Department of Health and Human Services website, stipulated that workers in healthcare facilities should receive their first doses by October 29 and their second doses by December 15. The deadlines for education workers are October 25 and December 15. .

The Queensland rules, enforced by the Designated COVID-19 Hospital Network Direction No 3, cover any worker or contractor of the Queensland Hospital and Health Service or the Queensland Ambulance Service whose role includes working or entering a COVID-19 service within a COVID-19 hospital.

Queensland’s rules also cover those providing care for people in hotel quarantine and those carrying people diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Government of Western Australia requires the vaccination of all workers who provide health care, medical, nursing, pathological, pharmaceutical, social or other health care services to patients in any health care facility in any capacity. it would be.

State rules, imposed by WA Health Worker Guideline # 2 (Access Restrictions), cover paramedics as well as internship students.

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