MMFF “Nelia” entrance dedicated to health workers

Jan Milo Severo –

December 21, 2021 | 1:08 p.m.

MANILA, Philippines – Film producer Aldwin Alegre believes the time has come to honor medical workers, he and his team have decided to honor them through their participation in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) “Nelia” with Winwyn Marquez .

During the film’s press conference, Alegre said the film is a tribute to nurses, doctors and other frontline physicians for their dedication to public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Given the circumstances of the pandemic, it is time, probably high time, to honor and congratulate our healthcare and medical workers, especially nurses, doctors and other related services, and that this film can be or will be linked to their works also serving the public, ”Alegre said.

“Nelia” is about a nurse who tries to unravel the mystery behind the deaths of patients in room 009 and also discusses the issue of mental health, among others.

“In fact, before the pandemic we were planning on making educational films, but that was canceled or postponed maybe for next year. It is a wonderful coincidence that the main characters of ‘Nelia’ are nurses and doctors, who are considered heroes because of their service and sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19 “, co-producer and screenwriter Melanie Honey Quiño, lawyer, mentioned.

Although Nelia’s story is fictional, Quiño said the film shows the importance of medical personnel and health in our daily lives.

“Doctors and nurses have a weak heart in my heart because they help us and take care of us when we are sick. So it is very timely that we present their story during the pandemic,” she said.

Quiño also said that A and Q Productions have decided to make “Nelia” a feature film due to the impact of the pandemic on the film industry, especially on workers who have lost their jobs in the past. year.

“I was once asked if we had considered the possible profit we could make from the film because we’re still in a pandemic, but we didn’t really think about making a profit. We thought about how we could help people in the industry who have lost their jobs. Instead of just giving them ayuda, maybe it would be better if we gave them jobs, ”Quiño said.

The film also discusses mental health. Quiño hopes this will help open the minds of people who still don’t believe in the importance of taking care of people’s mental health, especially in times of a pandemic.

“During the filming, we consulted with psychiatrists to find out what the real state of people with schizophrenia is, because we want people to see what they are going through. Hopefully when they watch ‘Nelia’ we can also encourage people with mental health issues to seek professional help, ”she said.

Directed by Lester Dimaranan, “Nelia” will screen on December 25 in selected theaters across the country. It stars Winwyn, Raymond Bagatsing, Mon Confiado, Ali Forbes, Shido Roxas and Juan Carlos Galano. – Video from the Nelia Movie YouTube channel

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