Ministry publishes vaccine communication guide for health workers

The Ministry of Health has prepared a “Communication Guide on Immunization”, which explains the process to be followed by health professionals in order to provide the right information to those who avoid getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and their enable informed decisions to be made.

The guide was sent to 81 provinces in Turkey for distribution to health workers working across the country. In addition, a training video as part of the guide information was made available digitally and on the Internet.

In the guide – where it was stated that anti-vaccines and those delaying COVID-19 vaccination were exposed to a lot of inaccurate information – the importance of providing them with correct information from the right sources was emphasized.

The Ministry of Health’s “Immunization Communication Guide” can be viewed in Ankara, Turkey on November 24, 2021. (Photo AA)

The guide stressed that those who are not vaccinated should not be informed in order to persuade them, but rather should be given information so that they can come to an informed decision. As such, the guide makes many recommendations for health professionals.

“Your way of communicating with people is by speaking, knowing their concerns and approaching with empathy. By listening sincerely, the other person will feel accepted. Once the person feels accepted, the explanations that you will give in the light of the scientific data will arrive in their place ”, underlined the guide.

In the guide, it was pointed out that body language, facial expressions, gestures and mimicry were more effective than speaking, and it was noted that for effective communication, the interviewee must be confronted, eye contact must be established and the person must actively listen.

The Ministry of Health's
The Ministry of Health’s “Immunization Communication Guide” can be viewed in Ankara, Turkey on November 24, 2021. (Photo AA)

The guide said it was important to listen to and clearly answer questions from those delaying obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine. It was stated that they should feel their concerns are understood.

In the guide, the importance of the vaccine for the pursuit of a healthy social life was emphasized.

The guide asked health workers to remind unvaccinated people of this point: “The vaccine allows you to safely meet and kiss your loved ones. When the majority of our society is vaccinated, we will be able to resume the activities we love without wearing masks and without distances. “

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