Mental health professionals work to build relationships and help Tulsa’s homeless

Amanda Pippin oversees the Tulsa Homeless Outreach for Mental Health Association Oklahoma.

“We’re trying to focus on people who are in encampments that aren’t necessarily in shelters. We’re bringing in the resources,” Pippin said, “I want to get out of a job – that’s what I try to do.”

She understands homelessness, she’s been there.

“I was heavily into my drug addiction,” Pippin said.

She went to get the help she needed, she has been sober for 10 years and helps others every day, do the same.

“We’re blessed – Irongate gives us food packs twice a week and then we’ll go to camps across town,” Pippin said, “We’re constantly trying to meet all their needs, whatever the season in which we are.”

The teams are made up of trained mental health professionals who will visit the affected person and:

1. Help them meet their immediate needs

2. Begin to build a relationship to get them to help get back on their feet and eventually get housing.

“We welcome all referrals, no matter how tiny you think they are. It’s important and we’ll go get it checked out,” Pippin said.

“If you see someone you are concerned about, whether they are living in unsanitary conditions or begging, there are numbers you can call, people trained to handle situations like this.

Contact the team at any time by COMPLETE AN ONLINE FORM or call 918-200-9605

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