Melling Medical to Distribute Optos Technology to Federal Healthcare Facilities

Optos has introduced Ultra-Wide-Field (UWF™) Retinal Imaging to enable eyecare professionals to discover, diagnose, document and treat ocular pathologies that may first present at the periphery, thus evading detection by traditional examination equipment. Their UWF high-resolution retinal imaging devices are the only products that meet the definition of “ultra-widefield” as an image that shows the retina beyond the vortex vein bulbs in all 4 quadrants in a single capture.

“Optos was founded 29 years ago with the goal of creating a patient-friendly device to capture an ultra-wide digital image of the retina. Our goal was to harness technology to help our customers save sight and save lives,” said Optos CEO, Rob Kennedy. “MixedMedical is uniquely positioned to offer our technology to vision specialists in the federal healthcare system, to help them diagnose and treat problems that might otherwise go undetected. »

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About MellingMedical

MergerMedical, a CVE-verified Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), holds a Federal Medical and Surgical (Med/Surg) Supply Schedule, as well as a Pharmaceutical Schedule, and currently serves more than 165 medical centers VA and 300 VA Outpatient Clinics, the seven (7) VA CMOPs, 95 DoD Medical Facilities and Health and Human Services (HHS) including Indian Health Services (IHS) and Center for Disease Control (CDC). MergerMedical provides access to innovative and cost-effective healthcare solutions in ophthalmology, optometry, urology and wound care, as well as a full range of pharmaceutical products through partnership with a wide range of recognized quality manufacturing partners. Learn more at

About Opto

Optos is a medical technology company recognized as a leading provider of devices for eye care professionals that provide a more comprehensive approach to patient care. The company was founded 29 years ago by Douglas Anderson, who invented the revolutionary opticalcard® retinal imaging technology after her five-year-old son lost sight in one eye due to retinal detachment. Today, patients around the world benefit from Optos’ user-friendly retinal imaging system, which produces true ultra-wide images of the retina in a single capture. The company, now owned by Nikon, provided opticalmap devices worldwide and has offices in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit


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