Marcos ‘terribly proud’ of Pinoy health workers

By Prince Golez

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said on Saturday he was “terribly proud” of all the healthcare personnel fighting the Covid-19 pandemic on all fronts.

“We are so terribly proud of our health care workers, doctors and nurses, Filipinos who have worked in the United States and how they have behaved in the face of COVID,” Marcos Jr. told the Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a courtesy visit to Malacañang.

Filipinos, he said, are playing a global role in the fight against this pandemic.

The President said that every Filipino should be proud of the commitment displayed by Filipino healthcare professionals.

Meanwhile, Blinken praised Filipino nurses working in the United States, calling them “angels” who “care in many ways.”

“There are not so many angels in the world. But if there are angels in the United States, among them are the Filipino nurses who care in so many ways throughout our country for our fellow Americans he told Marcos Jr.

The official added that the Filipino nurses showed “deeply touching” compassion, which his own family experienced.

“And I have to tell you, I’ve felt that in my own family with different experiences in the past. And that, on the most human level, is deeply touching,” Blinken said.

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