Look for the license from the Healthcare Facility Regulatory Agency when accessing healthcare


HeFRA was created by Law 829 to authorize and monitor all healthcare facilities

The Healthcare Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) has urged the public to only attend the services of licensed facilities in order to access appropriate healthcare.

Speaking to about 200 people who took part in a health walk to raise awareness about avoiding unapproved service providers, Mr. Prince Kakah, chief internal audit officer, said there was had clinical and professional negligence where people had died in such places.

Bedless syndrome and professionals failing to meet required standards were challenges the agency was working to tackle, he said.

In 2011, HeFRA was created by Law 829 to license and monitor all health facilities, public and private, for effective and quality health care.

Mr Kakah said the agency is therefore working with other regulatory bodies, agencies and the Medical and Dental Board to ensure that the practice of medicine is done well.

The health walk, which started in Ayi Mensah in the Greater Accra region and ended in Aburi in the Eastern region, is part of the activities to raise public awareness of HeFRA’s mandate and concern for the good. -be citizens, especially the sick.

Mr Kakah said the Healthy Walk also aims to demonstrate to the public that getting regular exercise, aerobics, getting a physical and living in a healthy environment is essential for staying healthy.

More activities would be undertaken to engage the public and address their concerns.

“In all celebrations during the holiday season, people should remember to make their health a priority, to eat healthy, to observe COVID-19 protocols and to vaccinate, and if there is a need to access a health establishment, to check if they have a license, ”he advised.


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