Lighting strategies for occupant health


Circadian rhythms, gradation and color were all essential elements in the lighting design of this new office space.

Windward Engineers and Consultants’ new office workspace accommodates different working styles with meeting rooms, phone booths, flexible furniture and outdoor space. But above all, the establishment focuses on the health and well-being of the employees.

Windward worked with NELSON Worldwide to include a lighting strategy that addresses mental health. Circadian rhythms, gradation, and color were all essential parts of lighting design. For example, when in the wellness room, users have full control over the lighting and can switch between cold and warm lighting to meet the desired light intensity.

Spotlight on well-being

Contemporary office space
WELL Building standards with biological circadian rhythms and fully automated daylight dimming are part of the basic open office design for employee well-being. The lighting control system tracks energy consumption and occupancy through an online graphical interface that can be monitored and controlled remotely. Photo courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

A nod to nature

Contemporary office space
The bookcase featured light-flooded shelves and an island illuminated from within to overlay design plans for coordination and quick concept tracing. The light fixture above the island is a nod to the Susquehanna River, which is a nearby natural landmark. The Wellness Lab has lighting that adapts to the intensity and color of daylight outside or inside based on user-selectable sensors. If the user wants to relax in a single color of light, they can simply use the touchscreen controls to select the desired color.Photo courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

Private dinner

Contemporary office space
The low light levels provided by the luminaires with acoustic felt soften the seating area for more privacy. The decorative hanging design that hovers above the island and the brightly colored tile backsplash has become the focal point of the room. Photo courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

Set the mood for meetings

Contemporary office space
A line of light around the back wall of the cabin helps frame the concrete pendant like a work of art to accentuate the industrial feel of the space. A wireless app controls the color of the light in the booth and sets the mood for any meeting.Photo courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

Balance daylight

Contemporary office space
The light brushes the textured wall to provide visual interest and vertical luminosity facing the windows. The lighting and color of the space can be dimmed and adjusted via a wireless keyboard on the desk with just the push of a button. Photo courtesy of Halkin Mason Photography

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