LGH’s obligation to provide better health facilities: Zafar

Postgraduate Medical Institute / Amir-ud-Din Medical College, Head Professor Dr. Sardar Mohammad Al-freed Zafar ordered to renovate the existing building of Lahore General Hospital and hand it over to Nursing Administration for his offices.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, he said after that, the Deputy Chief Superintendent, Nursing Superintendent and staff would be able to carry out their duties in a pleasant and clean environment and things would be better at home. ‘coming.

On occasion, the additional secretary of the Department of Specialized Health Care and Medical Education Qarat ul Ain, Ramzan Bibi, Mamoona Sattar, Anwar Sultana, the president of the Young Nurses Association Khalida Tabassum and other officials were also present.

Professor Al-freed Zafar said that it is the duty of the institution to provide better treatment facilities in the hospital and better environment for the nurses to manage the wards so that they can perform their duties properly. their functions in the service of suffering humanity.

The director of PGMI said that the administration of the hospital also has a responsibility to show its interest in providing better facilities and accommodations for nurses in the institution so that they can better care for patients with dignity and determination.

He added that a training workshop has been scheduled to further enhance the professional skills of nurses so that they can carry out their duties without any difficulty in dealing with new diseases and emergencies.

He said those associated with the healthcare sector should always adhere to the principles of patience, present-mindedness and discipline. He said that the nursing sector is an important means of collecting prayers and those associated with it are very lucky that the patient is in their hands for a good recovery.

Professor Al-freed Zafar also appreciated the record work done by the nurses in the Corona epidemic which will always be remembered in history when these nurses continued to serve others day and night without worrying about their lives and remained brave without any fear. On this occasion, Khalida Tabassum, President of the Young Nurses Association, thanked Senior Professor Alfreed Zafar on behalf of her community for this important initiative and also assured her of her full support in the future.

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