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CHICO — The latest financial documents for the Chico City Council’s four races expired Friday and were opened for public inspection.

This race consists of eight candidates spread across four districts across Chico. Of the races there are only two with incumbent incumbents.

During each election cycle, candidates who have raised enough funds to meet the threshold must submit a 460 document to the county or city.

This document breaks down campaign finances such as funds raised, loans, expenses, and a list of all donors. Donors can be individuals, corporations, and political action committees.

City Council races consist of the following:

District 2: Morgan Kennedy vs. Kasey Reynolds

District 3: Dale Bennett vs. Monica McDaniel

District 4: Nichole Nava vs. Addison Winslow

District 6: Jesica Giannola vs. Tom Van Overbeek

The latest documents show funds raised and spent between September 25th and October 22nd. In the previous group of 460, the money collected and spent was shown for July 1st through September 24th.

The election will take place on November 8, 2022.


Morgan Kennedy

Previously, Kennedy raised $13,316 in cash donations and had raised $10,000 in loans plus $1,286 in donations in kind. The most recent time frame shows that she has raised an additional $3,549 without taking on any additional borrowing, bringing her total cash contributions to $28,151.

Your campaign spent $3,867.30 over the last period, for a total spend of $14,162.11.

The following donations to Kennedy’s campaign based on the latest documents:

$100-199: Priscilla Ranford, Shaun-Adrian Chpfia, Heather Spiers, Amanda Jackson, Sheldon Prasier, Joanne Brasch, Michael McGinnis, James Peck

$200-299: Carole Ross, Edward Caldwell, Scott Rushing

$500-599: Tami Ritter, California Nurses Association PAC

Kasey Reynolds

Reynolds added $13,250 to her previous $19,685, bringing her total contributions to $33,935 when accounting for a single $1,000 loan.

Your campaign spent a total of $15,747.95.

The following people and groups have recently donated to the Reynolds campaign:

$100-199: Annmarie Kelly, Greg Kelly, Richard Allen Barnett, Robert L Berry, Timothy C Colbie, Michelle Cooper, Bob Evans, Tom Fiscus, Mike Maloney, Susan Murphy, Becky Stofa, Tina Wilson, FW Zanker, Kevin Spellman, Timothy C Colbie, Catherine Leyden, Kathryn M Moran, Holly Sitton

$200-299: Great Northern Farm Management LLC, David Halimi, Georgie Bellin, Nancy Dias, Thomas Digliovanni, Curtis Grima, Tod Kimmelshue, MFC Investments, Dianna Wright, Tom Dowd, D Charlene Gonsalves, Samantha Lewis Rohwer, John N Thorpe, Ashley Petersen , David Petersen, Jolene Francis, Judy Sitton

$300-399: Sherry Brouhard

$500-599: Kirk Kimmelshue, Diane Mihanpajouh, Dawn Ostrander, Peace Officers Research Association of California PAC, Thomas T. Van Overbeek, Scott Hubbard, Stacey Hubbard, Ray Murdoch Properties, 786 Events, Marilyn S. Everett, Geoffrey Farrar, Modern Building Inc.


Dale Bennett

Bennett, a sitting councilman, has raised a total of $18,123, with $1,949 from the last period. Bennet had previously taken out a $10,000 loan.

His campaign spent $4,947.75.

Bennett’s most recent donors are as follows:

$100-199: Cleanrite Inc., Tim Colbie, Don Fowler, Tovey Giezentanner, William Knudsen, Mark Pierce, Charles Priddy, Raymond Sandelman, Stuart Thompson

$200-299: Tom Dowd, Dino Corbin, Robert Harp, Frank Solinsky

Monica McDaniel

McDaniel has raised a total of $15,368, of which $8,201 is from the last period. She has yet to borrow and has received a total of $2,130 in donations in kind.

Of that amount, her campaign spent $7,344.37.

The following people have donated to McDaniel:

$100-199: Michael Magliari, Lisa Freeman-Wood, Savannah McDaniel Berg, Ann Schwab, David Waldron, Melissa Hormann, Katy O’Bryan, Ann Schulte, Mary Smith-Peters, Susan Steiner, Elizabeth Devereaux, Bryce Goldstein, Sheldon Prasier, Stephen Cummins, Karl Ory, Muir Hughes, Robert Davidson, Mary Latimer, Dale Steiner, Steve Watson, Margaret Worley, Abbie Moriarty, James Peck

$200-299: Pat Macias, Dennis Deromedi, Butte County Healthcare Coalition, William Sheridan, Michael McGinnis, Robert Dresden, Todd Hall, Erin Hannigan

$300-399: Susan Schrader, Nancy Patton

$500-599: Warren Haskell, California Nurses Association PAC, California Real Estate PAC, Linda Barker


Nichole Nava

Nava has raised a total of $25,070 through cash donations with no credit received. In the last period, Nava raised $7,970.

Your cash payments total $12,999.47.

Nava’s donors are as follows:

$100-199: Lauren Avilla, Bill Donovan, John Kermen, Kathryn Moran, Damon Posey, Phyllis Sandy, Marilyn Scocozza, Kevin Spellman, Gerard Vanderleun, Dianna Wright

$200-299: SF Bud Caldwell, Connelly for District 1, Patrick Conroy, Steven Depa, Tom Dowd, D. Charlene Gonsalves, Tod Kimmelshue, Samantha Lewis Rohwer, Mary Murphy-Waldorf

$500-599: California Real Estate PAC, Sheryl Campbel, Chico Farm & Orchard Inc., Lewis Everett, Barry Jones, Kent Needham, Peace Officers Research Association of California PAC, Ray Murdoch Properties, Gilberto Sanchez

Addison Winslow

Winslow has donated a total of $24,192.27 with a $1,700 loan and $6,586 more recently.

His campaign spent $21,573.80.

The following people have donated to Winslow:

$100-199: Bryce Goldstein, Michael Magliari, Jade Huston, Charlie Yarbrough, Robert Jones, Seana O’Shaughnessy, Ann Schwab, Margaret Worley, Lawrence Halstead, Tami Ritter, Alexandra Brown, Theresa Glaske, Charles Withuhn, Michael McGinnis

$200-299: Nicole Earl, Kim Nott, Lawrence Janeway, Sheldon Prasier, Steve Kennedy, Howard Nathan, Richard Harriman, Monica McDaniel, Adam Fedeli, Daniel Gonzales

$300-399: Scott Gründl, Scott Rushing

$500-599: California Nurses Association PAC, Karl Ory


Jessica Giannola

So far, Giannola has raised $9,136, of which $3,068 was raised in the last period. She has received $716 in donations in kind.

Your campaign spent $5,481.88

The following are Giannola’s campaign donors:

$100-199: Democratic Action Club by Chico PAC, Martha Dunlap, Kathleen Hassig, Heather Schlaff, Priscilla L. Hanford, John Merz, Lollie De Young

$200-299: Dennis Deromedi, Felipe Garcia

$500-599: No to Butte County Gerrymandering, California Nurses Association PAC, Linda Baker

Tom van Overbeek

Van Overbeek raised the most money with total contributions of $66,266.22. He has recently received $4,321.22 in donations and taken out $20,000 in loans.

Van Overbeek spent a total of $51,818.98.

Van Overbeek’s donors are as follows:

$100-199: Richard Barnett, Josh FW Cook, Law Firms of Ferris & Selby, Rolls Anderson and Rolls Civil Engineers

$200-299: Kathleen Crader, Lance Tennis, Joan Stewart, Frank Solinsky

$500-599: California Real Estate PAC, Doug LaMalfa Committee, James Ledgerwood, Peace Officers Research Association of California PAC, Randall Schiff, Barbara Weibel

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