Kwara approves recruitment of 197 medical staff and health workers

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has approved the recruitment of at least 197 different health professionals to strengthen human resources and effective service delivery in the health sector.

The approval includes the employment of eight consultants, 23 doctors and 72 nurses from different specialties, Chief Executive Officer of Kwara State Hospital Management Board, Mr Sa’ad Aluko, said on Sunday.

The endorsement also covers three senior registrars, 13 pharmacy technicians, six pharmacists, four medical laboratory scientists, five scientific officers, 20 community health extension workers (CHEWs), 20 junior CHEWs and 23 hospital attendants.

“We indeed commend the Governor for this timely approval as it will help replace some of the hands we have lost through attrition or retirement. It also complements the unprecedented infrastructural development we have seen in the health sector. We have several modern equipment recently purchased by the state government,” he said.

“The hiring of new hands to deploy these machines for the good of the masses completes a great effort by His Excellency to significantly turn around the fortunes of this important sector in line with his campaign mantra. We are so grateful.

The doctors include dentists to bolster the new dental center, while the eight consultants include two anesthesiologists to run the new intensive care unit even as the government trains more perioperative/theater nurses for the facility, it said. -he adds.

Aluko said the process had since started, adding however that most of the new officers and health workers would be drawn from the large number of Kwarans who had already applied and been interviewed for the jobs last year.


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Kwara approves recruitment of 197 medical staff and health workers

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