Improved resting facilities will improve the well-being of health workers


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A campaign has been launched to promote the need for better rest and catering facilities for healthcare workers in Scotland which she says will help tackle stress, promote healthier lifestyles and improve patient care.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow “Rest and foodThe campaign urged hospitals to provide access to hot food and a calm environment to rest and reflect during the shift, which it says will improve staff morale, health and well-being and job satisfaction. The college said many healthcare workers in Scotland lack access to even the most basic facilities while on the job, resulting in 65% of young doctors working at least a shift a month without eating meals. He called on all hospitals and health centers in Scotland to improve the facilities they offer to staff to ensure their basic needs are met, which he says will have a positive impact on patient care. Glasgow-based consultant oral surgeon Dr Christine Goodall said: “Having access to the most basic catering facilities at all times while we are working would be extremely beneficial. Something as simple as a hot meal can make a huge difference in your day. We tend to have to bring our own food if we’re on the last shifts, but we’re not always able to reheat it. “A comfortable common space to breathe during shifts would allow us to spend time with the other members of the team. We lack the human connection that to eat and rest

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