Hoosiers urged to get vaccinated by state health organizations

INDIANAPOLIS – Several state medical organizations are joining forces to encourage Hoosiers to get vaccinated against COVID as hospitalizations increase in Indiana.

Efforts on behalf of the Indiana Hospital Association (IHA), Indiana State Medical Association (ISMA), and Indiana State Nurses Association (ISNA) are aimed at reducing the burden on the state’s health care system to the approach of the holiday season.

From IHA, ISMA and ISNA:

“COVID-19-related hospitalizations are increasing dramatically in Indiana, increasing 66% in the past three weeks and approaching 75% of the peak of the pandemic Indiana faced last November. In addition to the rapid increase in hospitalizations related to COVID-19, the vast majority of which are unvaccinated, hospitals are caring for more critically ill patients than ever before. Clinical data indicates that patients have more complex conditions than before the pandemic and have longer lengths of stay. In addition, emergency room visits are on the increase, putting additional strain on the system. If current trends continue, everyone in need of health care could be affected. We urge all Hoosiers who have not yet received a vaccine or are eligible for a booster to do so before the onset of winter to ensure that a hospital bed is available for anyone who does. need. The COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective in reducing hospitalizations and deaths, and the best way to lower your risk of serious illness and protect your friends and family is to get vaccinated before you get together for the holidays. . “

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