Healthcare Organizations Tackle DC Rumble with New CEOs


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  • Mary Beth Donahue runs a kidney care organization.
  • She also worked for AHIP and for a former HHS secretary.
  • Michael Monson was an executive at Centene.
Mary Beth Donahue (Photo: Better Medicare Alliance)

Two groups that will help shape Medicare’s solvency battles have new CEOs.

The board of directors of the Better Medicare Alliance – a Washington-based organization for Medicare Advantage plans and their backers – has selected Mary Beth Donahue to succeed Allyson Schwartz as the group’s chairman and CEO.

The board of directors of Altarum – a nonprofit health policy think tank in Ann Arbor, Michigan – has appointed Michael Monson to succeed Lincoln Smith as president and CEO.

Mary beth donahue

Allyson Schwartz is a Democrat who represented a Philadelphia-area district in the United States House from 2005 to 2015.

His successor, Donahue, served as executive director of Kidney Care Partners, a coalition of manufacturers, dialysis professionals, healthcare providers, researchers and others interested in kidney dialysis.

Earlier in her career, she was Chief of Staff to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Donna Shalala when HHS was implementing the program that eventually became the Medicare Advantage program.

Donahue has also served as executive vice president of advocacy and operations for US health insurance plans.

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