Health workers want more pandemic action from Ducey. His office is asking for vaccinations

Gov. Doug Ducey’s office said the pandemic has taken its toll as the state surpasses 25,000 total deaths from COVID-19. But the governor’s office did not respond to several questions from KJZZ News about the state’s response to the pandemic.

Arizona healthcare workers are calling for more action from state leaders as the omicron variant pushes the number of COVID-19 cases to record highs, overwhelming hospitals. Last week, more than 1,200 Arizona healthcare professionals sent a letter to Ducey and other state leaders asking them to establish indoor mask requirements; increasing access to COVID-19 testing; provide free high-quality masks to the public; and increase funding for air filtration systems in schools and businesses. At the time, Ducey’s office told KJZZ News that the governor had received the letter and was reviewing it.

KJZZ News this week submitted a number of questions to Ducey’s office in response to the letter. Ducey’s spokesman, CJ Karamargin, did not respond to most questions. He said Ducey continues to encourage Arizonans to get vaccinated. When asked if the governor plans to meet with affected healthcare workers, Karamargin said Ducey regularly consults with healthcare experts.

In response to Arizona’s passing of 25,000 COVID-19 deaths, Karamargin provided a written statement.

“The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll,” Karamargin wrote. “No community or state, no country, has been spared. We mourn each loss and we share the grief of the family and friends they left behind. Today’s milestone is a sober reminder how important it is for all Arizonans to get the vaccine. It is safe, effective and has been shown to be the best possible protection against this awful virus.”

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