Health Surveillance Unit warns public against visiting unlicensed health facilities

Dr. Elijah Ssemaganda, acting deputy director of the State House Health Surveillance Unit, warned members of the public against visiting unregistered and unlicensed health facilities, saying the services offered could be substandard and dangerous.

Dr. Ssemanda noted that there are a number of clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and medical centers springing up like mushrooms, where the owners offer dangerous health services to unsuspecting people.

He said the law requires all laboratories and health facilities to be registered and licensed by the Allied Health Professional’s Council of Uganda, “but some (health facilities) are reluctant.”

He asked the public to be vigilant, to check licenses and certificates of health facilities before seeking treatment from health centers.

“Check and make sure that the place where you are seeking health care services is licensed as well as the health worker must be licensed and required by law. So if you suspect, as a keen Ugandan, that you have a quack lab, I would advise you to call the health surveillance unit immediately, and we will act,” he said.

He called on Ugandans to join in unity and expose the culprits, operating illegal health centres.

He made the remarks while launching a modern testing facility at Supreme Laboratories, Kibuli, Kampala, where he said the unit was delighted to receive another partner with modern technology in the field of health.

The facility includes state-of-the-art technology fully supported by Aid Genomics Israel, an international conglomerate of medical technology companies specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

It will offer tests like STI PCR Panels, Pneumonia PCR Tests, Herpes Simplex Virus PCR, Cancer Tumor Markers, among others.

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