Health professionals excluded from the vaccine recall campaign in France


Covid boosters have been offered to people over 80 and those at particularly high risk of variant strains since the start of the month, but health workers in France have not been included.

Now, the Order of Physicians is asking that this change. Health professionals had previously been prioritized at the start of the vaccination campaign to protect themselves and their patients.

He argues that allowing all health professionals to get vaccinated now is “essential to ensure the continuity of care and the safety of all, in hospitals and in the city”.

Booster shots are designed to prevent vaccine protection from weakening six months after the end of the initial vaccination schedule and are especially important in light of the risk posed by the new Delta variant.

The Covid recall program has just started in France with at the top of the list people in their forties, residents of retirement homes, the immunocompromised and others considered to be particularly at risk of developing a severe form of the coronavirus.

Some 120,000 reminders have been administered to date, according to the Department of Health.

The French National Health Authority also recommends boosters for specific demographics, including people aged 65 and over, but again without mentioning caregivers.

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