Health professionals call for an immediate end to this part of Ontario’s lockdown

While virtually everyone in the province of Ontario wants the business closures and other health and safety restrictions put in place on January 5 already over, a few groups have organized themselves to formally protest some aspects of the last iteration of the lockdown. and ask the provincial government to put an end to it as soon as possible.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is one of those who implored Premier Doug Ford and his team overturned their recent decision to forcibly close gyms, museums, cinemas, event venues, indoor dining in bars and restaurants, and more.

The Canadian Pediatric Society, the Pediatric Section of the Ontario Medical Association, and the Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario – the experts presumably most knowledgeable about children’s health – recently wrote an open letter to the leadership of the province in which they characterized virtual learning only as irreparably harmful.

“During the pandemic, we have learned that certain decisions and actions pose a much greater risk to children and young people than the virus itself,” read the letter dated January 7.

He goes on to say that striking jump doctors have witnessed rates of childhood depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicidality and more as a result of lockdowns and classroom closures. ; problems which doctors say constitute, like COVID, “a public health emergency”.

The missive also argues that shutting down schools has proven ineffective in significantly curbing the spread of the virus, noting that provinces that have pursued in-person learning have seen little transmission in educational settings.

“Online learning is bad. Social isolation and prolonged in-person school closures have precipitated an increase in unhealthy behavior … milestones, ”the letter read.

As many have argued in a more general sense, doctors also note that the provinces’ high levels of immunization and what they call the “manageable” hospital admission rates of people with the Omicron variant should. mean that certain settings – in this case, schools – should be able to reopen.

Fortunately, COVID-19 does not cause serious illness in most children and youth, and there has not been an unmanageable increase in pediatric hospitalizations due to the virus. But there has been increased pressure on pediatric and community hospitals due to mental health admissions, ”the letter ends before urging schools to reopen no later than January 17 – nine days before authorities reassess the current restrictions.

Unfortunately for those speaking up on the subject, responses online so far have not been overwhelmingly favorable, with many noting that some health centers in the province are indeed in crisis right now thanks to the pandemic, with a total of 2,467 people in Ontario hospitals currently positive for communicable disease.

A total of 438 of them are in intensive care.

Others also note the hypocrisy of doctors advocating back to school when many still aren’t seeing patients in person right now, as well as organizations not pushing for bigger ones. COVID-19 safety measures in schools above all.

“The health system is collapsing and THIS from the CPS? What is this alternate universe? It’s incomprehensible. Ambulances do not come to the emergency room. Hospitals are in crisis. HOW, CPS, aren’t you shouting against increased school safety measures!?, “ a resident wrote on Twitter in response to the letter.

“It would be much less myopic and poorly thought out if it included recommendations for risk mitigation in schools (sufficient safety protection, etc.). Otherwise, it’s deaf,” he added. another added.

Comments on a tweet from the letter have since been limited.

The CEO of Actua, a Canadian charity outreach network for young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), made a similar appeal Monday, however, saying that “school closures and the negative virtual learning experience can have a devastating effect on literacy and arithmetic, confidence, motivation and love to learn.”

Meanwhile, some families went to malls like Yorkdale at demonstrate against the closure of schools last week.

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