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Health organizations ask security agencies to issue professional guidelines on COVID-19

The American Industrial Hygiene Association has joined with eight other organizations in calling on OSHA and the CDC to create coronavirus guidelines.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association has approved recommendations from several federal safety agencies to create specific COVID-19 guidelines for workers.

The AIHA is calling for the creation of these guidelines along with eight other scientific organizations with a document called the Joint Consensus Statement. OSHA, CDC, and NIOSH are among the agencies named by the AIHA in reference to the lack of guidance on coronaviruses. The agency notes that the CDC and the World Health Organization have not adapted their coronavirus protection guidelines for workers since October 2020.

“As businesses open up and workers in many industries return to work, now is the time for our federal agencies to establish comprehensive guidelines for worker safety,” said Lawrence D. Sloan, CEO of the ‘AIHA.

The joint consensus statement summarizes information already known to occupational health professionals on COVID-19. The paper presents calls for research, regulation and funding of prevention tactics in the workplace.

One of the requirements of the statement is for OSHA to issue a temporary emergency standard for COVID-19, a sentiment popular among security professionals. The statement also reflects the desire for federal funding for state, local and professional workplace safety programs and increased research funding for NIOSH.

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