Health Facilities Review Board approves new facilities in St. Charles County

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After more than an hour of deliberation, the Missouri Health Facilities Review Board (MHFRC) has approved two senior residences for St. Charles County.

Hampton Manor of Wentzville and O’Fallon were the subject of consternation from the committee and the community. The facilities — which would be house 85 and 107 beds, respectively – saw the rejection of other local providers. Concerns included existing recruiting issues in the region as well as a plethora of facilities that had received Certificates of Need (CONs) in the region but had yet to begin operations.

Proponents argued that the surplus of facilities that had obtained CONs but had not yet started operations after five years should not be a barrier to new facilities. They noted the planned emphasis on memory care units on their sites, saying it would give local patients more options without forcing them to look outside of their communities. They also said the company, which is operational in several other states, has a history of attracting workers to its service areas.

The facilities, which are expected to cost more than $14 million each, were finally approved after more than an hour of deliberation at Monday’s agenda meeting.

the University of Kansas Cancer Center, North Kansas City was approved for a $2 million replacement for its PET/CT system which administrators said was lacking. The updated system will speed up the process and allow the facility to perform cancer screening tests and reduce downtime currently imposed by equipment. Medical Plaza Imaging Associates Kansas City was also approved for an additional MRI unit at a cost of $2.6 million.

Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital St. Peters has been approved for a $2.8 million investment to replace its cardiac catheterization lab where doctors work to restore blood flow after strokes. The current equipment had been in place for 17 years and administrators mentioned the difficulty of maintaining and replacing obsolete equipment.

The committee approved the Harold and Louise Assisted Living Hannibal after several testimonies in his favor. The developers said the facility would provide the community with new opportunities for mental health care.

Stately homes in Old Hawthorne Columbia was also approved, with proponents saying it would provide older people in the area an alternative to conventional retirement communities. The facility would include recreational activities for residents, in addition to tracking technology for resident monitoring and security.

Ultimately, Country Bluff Executive Senior Living was approved for a site change from Branson to a community just outside its city limits at a cost of $4 million.

The committee also granted six-month extensions for Viewpoint at Adworth Drive, Turner SNSFand Hill Top Retreat Center, among other things, while Kimmswick Seniors Residence was denied a seventh extension. The facilities cited construction and administrative delays resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, some receiving several extensions. Members also voted to confiscate several CONs.

The next CON MHFRC meeting is scheduled for July 12th.

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