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NEW DELHI: The Union Ministry of Health has requested all government departments and establishments like hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, as well as their doctors, to register on the dedicated registers of the Ayushman Bharat digital mission .

In a letter to secretaries of all central departments and directors of all central hospitals, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan advised government health facilities to procure and install a health care management system. Health / Hospital Information System (HMIS), also known as Hospital Information System (HIS), in their facilities to generate digital health records.

The government has decided that all of its healthcare facilities will participate in the Ayushman Bharat – ABDM digital mission (formerly known as the National Digital Health Mission – NDHM), which was launched nationwide by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. September 27, according to the letter.

Thus, all public establishments (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, radiology centers, etc.) where a health service is provided are required to register with the Register of Health Establishments (HFR), as part of the ‘ABDM.

The registration of all doctors working full-time or part-time for establishments must be done on the register of health professionals (HPR) under the ABDM, indicates the letter sent on November 9.

“For effective digitalization of healthcare in India, healthcare providers need to start generating digital healthcare records. To facilitate this, government health facilities are advised to procure and install a Health / Hospital Information Management System (HMIS), also known as Hospital Information System (HIS) , in their facilities. The chosen solution must be ABDM compliant, ”the letter said.

The government has also made available two of these solutions which are recommended for use: e-Hospital of the NIC (National Computer Center) and e-Sushrut of the C-DAC (Center for the Development of Advanced Computing).

The National Health Authority (NHA) has been tasked with implementing this initiative.

“We ask that these activities can be started as soon as possible and that the necessary follow-up can also be done at your level. We count on your continued support to make the mission a success,” the letter added.


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