Government does not provide health facilities in Udhampur, says Mankotia


Protesters wave slogans during a demonstration in Udhampur.
Protesters wave slogans during a demonstration in Udhampur.

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Udhampur, June 2: Criticizing the UT government for its poor planning and offhand approach in providing healthcare facilities in Udhampur during this pandemic, former Udhampur MP Balwant Singh Mankotia staged a protest demonstration against UT government’s mother-in-law treatment of Slathia Chowk, here today.
Mankotia criticized Udhampur for being treated like a mother-in-law by the government even in this COVID-19 pandemic. He revealed that recently the machines at the Udhampur Oxygen Plant had been turned over overnight, due to which the Corona patients died due to the unavailability of high flow oxygen, as well as ventilators that had been in the hospital for a year have so far been non-functional.
“Many people are dying every day due to the malfunction of 108 ambulance services here and have asked the government not to play with people’s lives which will never be tolerated,” Mankotia warned.
Mankotia alleged that the government has proved to be completely unsuccessful regarding the neglect of the people and the completely collapsed health system of Udhampur, due to which our people are continually losing their lives and he asked the government to correct the accountability of officers for their misconduct during this pandemic.
Mankotia said that if the government does not end mother-in-law behavior with the residents of Udhampur, then in the next few days people will be forced to take to the streets and start a strong unrest against the government.
Councilor Jagdish Kumar, Councilor Samnik Bhasin, Councilor Darshan Kumar, Sarpanch Sunil Manohar, Sarpanch Ashok Kumar, Hans Raj, Khem Raj as well as youth leaders including Sushil Kumar, Pawan Singh and Krishan Singh were present at the demonstration .

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