Get rid of the cloth mask and improve it, say health professionals

CLEAR WATER, Wis. (WEAU) – Again, a change of direction with the face masks. As Omicron turns out to be a contagious variant of COVID-19, health experts are urging people to consider switching to a N95 or one disposable surgical mask.

“Use the surgical mask, use the N95 if you can get them, and use them correctly because you can avoid getting COVID and omicron and passing it on to a loved one,” said Dr. Martha Hidalgo, internist at the Marshfield Medical Center. in Clear Water.

At the start of the pandemic, cloth masks were considered appropriate as N95, and disposable surgical masks were not readily available due to extreme supply chain scarcity. But now that has changed.

Another mask recommended by health experts is the KN95. Although it has a similar name to N95, Dr. Ashok Rai, President and CEO of Prevea Health, shares what makes them a little different.

“An N95 mask is traditionally a mask that you’re fit for, in other words, you’re basically sitting, they put a chamber over your head…you wear different sizes of N95…you inhale different particles and through your smell and whether this mask works for you or not.So you have a size after this and wear it every day.A KN95 mask is a multi-layered mask that sits closer to your face like an N95, but it’s generally untested and not as secure as an N95,” he said.

Rai says that combined with vaccination and stimulation, upgrading to a high-filtration mask will be key to enjoying a safer holiday season.

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