Gambia: Cuban health professionals in Gambia applauded for their work

Banjul, January 16, 2022 – A group of medical professionals who concluded their mission in The Gambia were honored last Friday by the leadership of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in The Gambia for their humanitarian work.

The event, honored by the authorities, was punctuated with entertainment.

In a simple but moving gesture, doctors, graduates and

The technicians were applauded by the Cuban authorities in Gambia, Rubén G. Abelenda and doctors Yurina Llanes Cabrera, AydéMaría Pérez Quiala and Rayner Paulino Basulto, currently in charge of the BMC.

Members of staff from Banjul hospital present at the ceremony also praised and recognized the humanitarian work of health professionals from the largest of the West Indies, and congratulated them for their valuable services rendered in The Gambia.

They also expressed their optimism that the solidarity between the two countries will be strengthened to enable the two countries to achieve more success.

Speaking at the event, the Caribbean island’s ambassador thanked the Gambian authorities and assured them that his compatriots from the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) will be in the country whenever the people and government will need it.

He recalled that Cubans respect the legacy of their historic leader, Fidel Castro, according to whom being internationalists and united repays “our own debt to humanity”.

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