Family denies attack on LASUTH staff, says health workers took 12 hours to attend to patient

The family of Gabriel Asoh, a gunshot victim whose parent Reginald Uwandu, was arrested by police for allegedly assaulting medical professionals at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital LASUTH in Ikeja have denied that such an attack has taken place.

The family also claimed the patient was treated for 12 hours, while accusing LASUTH staff of negligence and demanding a public apology.

The family made the claims in response to accusations by the Lagos State branch of the National Association of Nurses and Midwives of Nigeria, as well as the LASUTH administration, claiming that a family member attacked medical professionals.

According to Punch, Asoh’s relative, Reginald Uwandu, who was later identified as his neighbor transported to the victim’s hospital emergency surgical unit in a Toyota Sienna at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, December 14.

Nurses association secretary Toba Odumosu said a hospital nurse advised his relative to leave him in the vehicle, where a resuscitation procedure would be carried out on him before moving him to the ward. .

However, an impatient Uwandu allegedly assaulted three nurses and a doctor at the hospital.

Asoh’s family, in a statement signed by one Chibuzor Duru on behalf of the family, said no one was attacked in the hospital.

He noted that Asoh had died during surgery, adding that the hospital had requested 50,400 N to perform a COVID-19 test on the corpse.

The statement read in part: “LASUTH management and the police clearly lied in an attempt to mislead the public into giving a dog a bad reputation for hooking. The victim / patient, the late Gabriel Asoh, was shot in the stomach by armed robbers in Agbado (AIT), Lagos district at around 10 p.m. on December 14.

“He had been rejected by a private hospital and the Ilepo General Hospital. It was then decided to take her to LASUTH that night. We took him to the surgical emergency room and the nurses refused to let our neighbor, Reginald Uwandu, who was accompanying us, get him off the bus.

“The victim’s wife and Mr. Kingsley Asoh were busy paying all the necessary bills and seeking the attention of the doctors and nurses for the victim, while our kind neighbor Mr. Uwandu, in tears, pleaded and begged that they could take care of the victim.

“Police officers suddenly appeared out of nowhere (clearly at the invitation of LASUTH management) to drag Mr. Uwandu, while the victim / patient was left on the ground. At no time did the victim / patient fall into their hands as indicated.

“Mr. Gabriel Tunde Asoh was finally taken to the theater for surgery 12 hours later. He died of his injuries.

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