Ethiopia: city recognizes efforts of health professionals and caregivers


ADDIS ABABA – The Office of Health has organized a program of thanksgiving and recognition for the health professions and caregivers, recognizing their endless efforts.

Opening the program, Addis Ababa City Administration’s health bureau chief Yohannes Chala said the health professions and caregivers have exercised their full potential in the fight against the pandemic of COVID-19. The city of Addis Ababa expressed its gratitude to these heroes as they fought hard to save the densely populated citizens, leaving their families and lives behind.

Coordinator of the administrative services of the city of Addis Ababa with the rank of deputy mayor, Jantirar Abay for his part declared that the health professions and caregivers are like national soldiers who stand in the service of the community and preserve the sovereignty of their country. For example, Ethiopian health professionals recently crossed the border to fight the Ebola virus wholeheartedly in West Africa.

According to Jantirar, the city administration has carried out various activities to make the city’s health tourism center in the coming years, and this is a good opportunity to minimize the financial outflows invested in health-related issues. .

An exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Etalem Tilahun, of Ras Desta Damitew Memorial Hospital, for his part said that the healthcare professions and caregivers are strong and able to go through their ups and downs. Therefore, they must be constantly rewarded and well thanked.

According to Etalem, the hospital has carried out COVID-19 tests to help the community know its status by deploying medical professionals and caregivers to areas where there is limited human power.

She also said the community is currently paying little attention to the pandemic compared to 12 months ago. It is somewhat similar with a moment of expansion of HIV / AIDS as a result of recklessness and weaker advocacy to raise awareness.

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