Equal salaries for doctors, health workers not achievable, says NMA

From Fred ezeh, Abuja

nigerian The Medical Association (NMA) said equal pay and compensation for doctors and other healthcare workers was not achievable.

He advised the federal government not to fall for blackmail defended by healthcare workers under the aegis of the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) for equal pay with doctors.

NMA spokesperson Dr Aniekeme Uwah in a statement yesterday in Abuja, said such measures would be disastrous and constitute a clear violation of previous agreements with doctors under the aegis of the NMA.

“There are no reason for JOHESU to demand the same salary as for doctors, because it is not standard practice in the world, ”he said.

He said that the NMA has never opposed a salary increase, adjustment or variation for JOHESU members, as long as such action and identical values ​​are applied to CONMESS to maintain the agreement with the NMA.

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Uwah called on JOHESU members to refrain from threatening and harassing federal health ministry officials, especially the director of hospital services, and advised them to follow established rules in pursuing the package they wish.

“JOHESU is free to negotiate for the improvement of the social protection program, but the doctors are not afraid or disturbed as long as the facts and international standards are presented and applied.

“If anyone is to be unhappy, it should be the doctors who are wronged by the federal government’s deliberate refusal to apply internationally accepted relativity in the compensation of health workers in Nigeria.

“Additionally, physicians in administrative positions have worked hard to create a healthy balance in well-being between physicians and allied health professionals. But JOHESU bent back by recommending a lower emolument relativity than what can be achieved for doctors internationally to the disillusionment of NMA members.

He therefore accused members of JOHESU of being known to spread disinformation and disinformation. It was therefore not surprising to them that they attempted to blackmail the director of hospital services at the Federal Ministry of Health emotionally on welfare-related issues affecting its limbs.

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