EKY Health Organizations Hold Recovery Festival

PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) — Two eastern Kentucky health organizations held a recovery festival Wednesday morning.

The festival was in partnership between the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center and Eastern Kentucky Primary Care Centers.

“What I see when I work in the community is that people want to help but sometimes they feel like that because they’ve never been drug addicts, they’ve never been alcoholics, they don’t aren’t able to help, but that’s not true,” said Rebecca Kilburn of the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center.

At least 15 different organizations participated in the event.

“Not just the people who are here, but the different organizations,” she said. “So whenever I have someone who needs a service that I can’t provide, I can contact them and we can work together as a community.”

Perry County Sheriff Joe Engle said drug addiction is a real problem in the county and the county cannot stop itself.

“It’s hit us much harder than COVID ever has here in Perry County and Hazard,” he said. “We’re sort of the epicenter of this thing.”

“You get these people who are addicted, you rehabilitate them, you make them better, they don’t commit crimes anymore,” he added. “Saves the system money, saves people from being locked in.”

You can find out more about what’s planned for the day below:

Several health organizations organize a recovery festival(Comprehensive Mountain Care Center)

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