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Dimapur | May 30

Despite a high number of active cases in the district, nearly 50% of COVID health facilities in Dimapur hospitals were unoccupied and available, according to data available on the Dimapur team dashboard on May 30. The state was as of May 29.

According to the “Dimapur Hospital and Risk Areas Information” data available on the dashboard, COVID-19 healthcare facilities are offered in six hospitals in Dimapur, including the district hospital.

Collectively, the hospitals have a capacity of 239 oxygen beds, 23 intensive care units (ICUs) with ventilators, 36 intensive care units without ventilators and 40 normal beds for a combined total of 338 beds.

Of these 174 beds – 115 oxygen beds, 17 intensive care units with ventilators, 23 intensive care units without ventilators and 19 normal beds were shown as occupied on the dashboard.

In other words, of the available capacity out of the total capacity, 51.47% was occupied as of May 29.

From a hospital perspective, the capacity of the Christian Institute for Health Sciences and Research (CHISR) located at 4th mile Dimapur, was the highest with 11 intensive care beds with ventilators, 7 intensive care without ventilators, 81 oxygen beds and 15 normal beds.

On May 29, 7 intensive care beds and 31 oxygen beds were indicated as occupied at CHISR.

At Dimapur District Hospital, while all intensive care beds with ventilators were full, 4 were available without ventilators while 44 oxygen beds were available. All normal beds were occupied.

Among private health care units, Faith Hospital had the most intensive care beds at 16, but nearly all (15) were occupied on Saturday. The hospital also has a capacity of 18 oxygen beds, but 17 of the total turned out to be occupied. (See table)

The Dimapur team, led by Y Kikheto Sema, is responsible for monitoring and coordinating all COVID-19 related activities in the district with the district task force.

It should be noted here that a new COVID hospital with 30 beds was inaugurated at Nagaland Police Referral Hospital, Chümoukedima on May 25 with provisions for 7 intensive care beds, five oxygen beds and 15 oxygen concentrators.
The state government also announced this week the decision to create a 176-bed hospital at CHISR.

In addition, a committee was set up on May 15 to prepare a 100-bed COVID-19 hospital as a priority at the Institute of Hotel Management in Dimapur in order to reduce congestion.

As of May 30, there were 2,506 active cases in Dimapur district. Of the total, 2,284 were asymptomatic, 82 mild, 60 moderate on oxygen, 41 on oxygen, 31 in intensive care without ventilators and 8 in intensive care with ventilators.

Out of a total of 351 COVID-19 deaths in the state, 255 were from Dimapur district, according to the daily COVID-19 bulletin released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Program, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Nagaland.

Currently, a total of 162 from Dimapur District are admitted to COVID-19 hospital out of 238 across the state, he said. A total of 2,231 people were currently in home isolation in Dimapur out of 4,364 in Nagaland, the bulletin added.

A total of 8,255 people have also recovered from the infection in the district, out of a total of 15,523 recoveries in the state. As of May 30, out of a total of 21,563, there were 5,059 active cases in Nagaland.

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