Covid: Soon a booster dose for health workers | Kochi News

Kochi: Amid fears that healthcare facilities will be affected if more and more healthcare workers (HCWs) are infected with Covid-19, it was decided to quickly give a booster dose to HCWs to ensure minimal spread of Covid among them. Additionally, any healthcare professional with a fever or any other symptoms of Covid should be tested immediately. Greater importance should be given to hospital infection control measures, it was decided.
The decisions were made during an emergency meeting of the state’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) led by Health Minister Veena George and senior health officials to assess current surveillance, infrastructure and human resources, material management, transport and availability of oxygen, vaccination management and post-COVID management.
The Minister of Health has ordered that adequate staff be deployed to ensure Covid test results are available in a timely manner. As more and more people are infected, in many districts results are not available even after 24 hours. District-level teams have been appointed to ensure test results are not delayed.
It was decided to carry out an inspection and to strengthen surveillance. The focus will be on hospital monitoring, travel monitoring and community monitoring. Steps will be taken to ensure expert home care.
The hospital management committee, whose main task is to monitor hospital activities, will be strengthened as part of surveillance. The committee will provide details of those who test positive for Covid to local bodies. Private hospitals were also included in the committee. The committee will also monitor the vaccination status, treatment and discharge of Covid patients arriving at the hospital.
Basic facilities provided in hospitals were also discussed during the meeting. In line with the multi-level action plan, more field hospitals will be set up as the number of patients increases. The services of the personnel of the Ayush department will be used if necessary.
“Safety equipment and medicines are not lacking. Although there is an oxygen reserve, the oxygen situation is constantly monitored,” Veena said.
It has been decided to set up more ambulance facilities in the state, in addition to strengthening post-Covid management which is available from primary health centers to medical schools.
Veena said e-Sanjeevani will also be strengthened. As the number of patients increases, more doctors will be appointed. About 1,100 people are treated every day at the Covid OP. The waiting time will be reduced to less than a minute.
The mental health team will be further strengthened to provide psychological support to patients. The RRT will continuously monitor the activities of the health department. The minister also ordered the RRT to review the situation daily.

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