COVID-19: FG intensifies surveillance in port health establishments – Minister of Health | The Guardian Nigeria News


Health Minister Dr Osagie Ehanire said the federal government is stepping up surveillance at port health facilities to prevent the third wave of COVID-19.

Speaking at the Presidential Steering Committee COVID-19 briefing Monday in Abuja, Osagie said, “We are stepping up surveillance at points of entry to verify import, especially virulent strains of COVID, and be in able to identify and control them.

“A team from the Federal Ministry of Health, led by the Director of Public Health, is working closely with the Lagos and Ogun state governments to advise the funeral planning committee of a Lagos-based cleric, in order to ensure that COVID protocols are respected, in anticipation of large crowds. We strongly recommend virtual participation. In view of our efforts to limit the third wave, self-preservation measures will be necessary.

“We will be advised by the experience of other countries.

“As we take action to contain the third wave, we must continue to take proactive measures, part of which is to identify areas in isolation and treatment centers that require urgent attention, such as training of the front-line staff, assessment and reassessment of stocks of devices and products in isolation / treatment centers according to the preparatory strategy in accordance with WHO post-second wave scenarios. In addition, we also perform an oxygen readiness assessment in isolation and treatment centers.

Regarding the new cases, the minister said records showed a decrease in COVID-19 cases but cautioned against neglect.

He said: “Nigeria has only registered two new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, giving us a total of 167,467 confirmed cases to date, out of 2,266,591 samples tested, with a 1.2% test positivity rate. We will work to increase the screening rate to identify positive cases early for isolation and treatment.

“Over the past four weeks, we’ve done 40,000 to 50,000 samples per week, of which 949 were confirmed. Unfortunately, we have lost 2,119 people and will continue to ensure that those who test positive are treated promptly in isolation centers or in supervised home care.

“Nigeria has so far escaped the worst of COVID-19 and the terrible predictions made about us. We might even look fine, but I want to stress that we still need to be on strict preventative alert, due to the third wave of COVID-19 sweeping the world. Cases have increased in one African country after another and health systems are increasingly stressed in countries like Uganda.

“The Ministry of Health has prepared to ensure the resilience of the system. Adequacy of oxygen is a high priority, as we have observed in countries going through the third wave. The federal government has placed orders for 38 oxygen production plants, one in each state, with Lagos having two, due to its high load.

“The Global Fund is funding the repair of 30 non-operational factories and will additionally build 12 new oxygen factories, which will be located in space across Nigeria, as shown on the map of Nigeria, such that the gaps in supplies are replenished and health facilities in Nigeria are able to access oxygen within 100 km of an oxygen plant.

“More than 420 new oxygen cylinders are on order, to support distribution and availability, as well as 12 liquid oxygen tanks of 10,000 L each, with vaporizers, which will also be installed where we can easily refill the cylinders. . This will expand access to oxygen nationwide and make it available to treat patients with other conditions, such as asthma, pneumonia and sickle cell disease, ”he said.

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