Covaxin 10ml vials warn health workers in Coimbatore to be wary of vaccine waste

With many public hospitals in the district receiving Covaxin in vials of 10ml (20 doses) versus 5ml (10 doses), healthcare professionals engaged in the vaccination campaign are adopting various measures to avoid vaccine wastage.

Staff at some of the government-run vaccination centers said they issue tokens to ensure that at least 20 people arrive within the specified time after opening a 10ml vial of Covaxin. Indeed, the multi-dose vials must be used within four hours after opening.

“There is no demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, either Covishield or Covaxin, as before due to various factors including wide coverage. Most people who approach us are for the second jab. To avoid wastage, tokens are issued to ensure that enough beneficiaries come in a single day,” said a doctor at a public hospital.

Due to the general practice of filling vials with extra vaccine, known as overfilling, a trained health worker may extract more than 20 0.5ml doses from a 10ml vial.

Another doctor said the 5ml vaccine vial was more convenient as it only contained 10 doses apart from the overflow.

Deputy Director of Health Services, P. Aruna, said staff working at vaccination centers in primary health centers in the district contacted people who were due to take their second dose of Covaxin and assigned specific days for them. avoid wastage of vaccines.

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