8 Companies To Help You Pay Off Student Loans And Work From Home



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If you have debt on a student loan, you may be able to get repayment help through your employer – or find one to do it.

More than 44 million Americans are in student debt because of it collectively $ 1.7 trillion.

Now as “Big resignation“is gaining traction and workers are looking for new jobs, employers are trying to find ways to attract and retain talent. Working remotely and offering help with these loans are some of the benefits. (See below for a list of companies with these benefits, which are now discontinuing.)

Federal student loan payments, most of which were on hold during the pandemic, are expected resume in January.

“It’s important for employers to meet employees where they are and find benefits that make sense and add value to them,” said Toni Frana, a Destin, Florida-based career coach at FlexJobs.

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s Employer Financial Wellbeing Survey 2021, 17% of employers offer student loan debt assistance and another 31% plan to offer it.

About 70% of employers said employee engagement in performance has increased since 2020.

Now, many Americans want to continue working remotely instead of going back to the office. A Regulatory survey This spring, a whopping 87% have found they want the opportunity to keep going To work from home.

Here are eight companies that are reportedly helping their employees pay off student loan debt and also offer home-based jobs, according to reports FlexJobs. Average Annual Base Salary is courtesy of Payscale, unless otherwise stated in the job posting.

1. Abbott

Employees at this healthcare research firm based in Abbott Park, Illinois can redirect the minimum 2% contribution they would normally be required to pay for their 401 (k) plans to receive the 5% adjustment to pay off their student loans instead . The employee still receives the 5% contribution in his 401 (k).

Current vacancies include: Senior Business Analyst (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 86,107) and Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Average annual base salary: $ 89,212.)

2. American family insurance

3. CommonBond

CommonBond, a New York-based online lender that offers student loans and student loan refinancing, provides employees with up to $ 100 per month on student loans with no lifetime limit.

Current vacancies include: DevOps engineer (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 96,624) and Auditors (Average annual base salary: $ 79,307.)

4. Loyalty investments

The Boston-based financial services company provides a maximum of $ 2,000 per year to eligible employees and a maximum of $ 10,000 for lifetime student loans.

Current vacancies include: Main content strategist (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 62,350) and Investment solutions agent (Average Base Annual Salary: $ 45,212 / year.)

5. New York life

New York Life is contributing $ 170 a month to student loans in good standing for five years. Employees can reduce their debt by up to $ 10,200 while enrolled.

Current vacancies include: Implementation manager (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 74,270) and Senior Associate – Business Analysis Consultant (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 86.10.)


7. Parallon

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Parallon is a division of HCA Healthcare that provides $ 100 monthly for student loans for full-time employees and $ 50 monthly for part-time employees. The maximum values ​​not specified for the service life apply.

Current vacancies include: Specialist for coding quality reviewers (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 57,312 / year) and Coding resolution specialist (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 41,910.).

8. Weed maps


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