3 Miami Valley Health Organizations Receive Ohio Department of Health Funding – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

COLUMBUS — Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff announced Tuesday that the ODH and its Office of Health Opportunity have awarded $6.89 million to 26 organizations to fund projects designed to combat against community conditions that impact the health and improve the lives of residents of improved areas of Ohio, according to a press release.

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Three of those organizations are in the Miami Valley, including Dayton Children’s Hospital, the Nehemiah Foundation in Springfield-Clark County and the Safety Council of Southwestern Ohio in Butler, according to the release.

“As part of our commitment to ensuring that every Ohioan has the opportunity to achieve their optimal health, the Ohio Department of Health is focused on raising the voice of communities across the state who consistently experience health disparities,” Vanderhoff said.

Although the amount of money has not been announced for much of each organization, the ODH said this project aims to address those community conditions beyond access to health care and education. health education, to include options for making positive health decisions and systems that shape the conditions of daily life.

“We want to hear from community members about their biggest barriers to health, and we want to empower them to develop and implement the changes they want to see in their communities,” Vanderhoff said.

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Jamie Carmichael, chief health opportunities advisor for ODH’s Health Opportunity, said they don’t just fund initiatives based on data summaries, they want to engage communities and include them in developing solutions to problems. that they consider most important.

“Community members are the experts on how best to improve the conditions that affect their health,” Carmichael said.

Organizations that received funding will establish or expand initiatives that will build local capacity to help break down barriers to health in some of Ohio’s communities facing the greatest risk of poor health outcomes, said the ‘ODH.

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