Is it possible to apply for a credit card to be denied?

Did you know that even with a blocked name, it is possible to get a Credit Card for a negative one? Many people do not know, but there are some options that even dispense with the analysis of consumer registration, facilitating the approval of the card.

Do you want to know how to enjoy this feature even with a dirty name? Continue reading this article and find out!

Is it possible to apply for a credit card to be denied?

Is it possible to apply for a credit card to be denied?

As we said, it is possible. The problem is that most companies and banks make a rigorous inspection of the consumer’s registration before releasing the credit card. The good news is that some institutions do not need to consult Serasa, SPC and Boa Vista and also do not ask for proof of income.

Have you heard of a credit score? This is a tool used to analyze the likelihood that a person will pay their bills or not. The score ranges from 0 to 1000 and is based on the profile of each consumer. Keeping a good score is no guarantee of card release, but it can help.

Institutions that provide credit cards for negative credit are looking for other ways to ensure that you pay on time. When applying for personal credit with your bank, for example, you need to ensure that you pay the agreed amount, and with the credit card, it is very similar. Some institutions, as a guarantee, can work with the payroll credit card, while others opt for the prepaid card.

How to apply for a credit card with a dirty name?

To apply for a Credit Card for negative you need to know all your options and compare which is the best for you. Be aware that, even if it is possible to have a card with a dirty name, it is necessary to take care not to get into debt and pay the amounts due on time.

Check out some options to get a credit card for negative.

Payroll credit card

This modality is a great option for those whose name is blocked since it does not require consultation with Serasa and other competent bodies. Another advantage is that the payroll credit card is more secure, since the invoice is linked to the checking account, so the bank is not at risk of not receiving it. In addition to avoiding debt, this card has no annual fee and interest rates are low. To request it you need to fit in a few questions:

  • working with a formal contract;
  • be a civil servant;
  • retired or INSS pensioner;
  • or be military.

Prepaid credit card

The prepaid credit card is another excellent option that also dispenses with credit consultation. To take advantage you must make a top-up, that is, deposit a cash amount as credit before using. This card is not very bureaucratic and very easy to get the release, because you spend only what you recharge and can still use it in other countries.

Your bank’s credit card

If you are an account holder and have a good relationship with a positive balance, you may be able to release a card with your bank. Many banks offer multiple cards, which have debit and credit functions. In such cases, the consumer usually already has a pre-approved limit, simply by unlocking the option for credit.

To have even more guarantee and avoid invoice delays, as you already have a checking account at the bank, you can authorize the account debit and not worry about payment.

What are the benefits of a credit card?

The Credit Card (even prepaid) provides several benefits and practicalities for everyday life. One of them, no doubt, is not having to carry money. This prevents you from losing everything in case of robberies and even allows you to do your shopping normally.

Greater purchasing power

You do not always have a cash amount to make a cash purchase. The credit card makes this possible, provided it is used with great responsibility. You can purchase the item and still have time to organize the finances and pay the invoice, not to mention the possibility of splitting the amount and reducing the impact on your pocket – it’s very practical!

Help in case of unforeseen events

No matter how organized you are, you cannot predict what may happen in the future, can you? Unforeseen events happen: a last-minute purchase arises, your car may break down or you may have medical and pharmacy expenses. For that, it is good to have money saved. If you don’t have it, a credit card can help a lot.

Possibility to shop online

Buying over the internet, besides being very comfortable (because you do everything in the comfort of your home), still generates several discounts that stores only offer on their online platforms. With the popularity of buying over the internet, a credit card makes it a lot easier – it is fast, secure and allows installment of the amount purchased.

Before consuming any product, pay attention to whether the website is reliable. In the upper left corner of the browser, you will find a closed padlock next to the email address. This means that the website is safe for purchases. Never provide your card number and personal document data on untrusted pages.

International use

This is an advantage that not everyone remembers. Major credit card brands are accepted almost everywhere in the world, both online and in person. Before hiring your card, check if this option exists, because in the case of an international trip it can be useful.

The credit card is very advantageous and can help at various times in your life, provided it is used responsibly. The credit card for negative can help in the control and organization of your finances. It is worth investing, so look for one of the options shown and enjoy.

Are you negative, but would you like to have a credit card? Compare is a platform that makes it possible to search and compare the best options.

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